NOSKE KAESER Rail & Vehicle

With a wealth of experience in the design, manufacture, maintenance and overhaul of passenger car and locomotive HVAC equipment, Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle is the ideal partner to deliver reliability and comfort to your end customers.

Our four values of Commitment, Collaboration, Sustainability and Enhancement reflect our belief that as we strive to be recognised as a market leader, our people are key to our success, whether they are our own staff, customers, end users or suppliers. We strongly believe that environmental awareness and relationships are as important as the equipment we supply.

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A strong long-term company history going back several decades and a focused after sales philosophy means that we are committed to support you for the lifetime of the equipment with dedicated service centres and collaboration partners wherever our equipment operates.

As well as dedicated dual hemisphere centres of competence in Hamburg, Germany and Palmerston North, New Zealand, Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle is a proud member of LEEL RAIL SYSTEMS.

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Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle
Germany GmbH

Ruwoldtweg 15
22309 Hamburg

email+49 (0)177 455-0410

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Noske-Kaeser Rail & Vehicle
New Zealand Limited

20 Noel Rodgers Place
Palmerston North 4414
New Zealand

email+64 21 350 705

LEEL RAIL SYSTEMS brings together the synergy of three separate companies under common ownership – LEEL Electricals, JANKA ENGINEERING, and Noske- Kaeser Rail & Vehicle, specialising in the design and manufacture of HVAC systems for locomotives and passenger trains, as well as engine cooling systems for locomotives.

With multiple global locations, working together as a group we combine our unique strengths and experience of several decades, delivering climate-controlled comfort to people all over the world. As a result, worldwide projects can be delivered to our customers. A focused exchange of knowledge between the various members of the group offers maximum efficiency in producing high quality, reliable HVAC equipment at a competitive price. Our cutting-edge psychometric testing facilities ensure the equipment we supply is designed to meet the required performance, even in the harshest environments.

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With dedicated global service centres we are committed to looking after our equipment for its entire lifetime and provide scheduled maintenance, repair and overhaul at a location near you.

In addition to offering a broad spectrum of existing equipment designs, we develop customised solutions for our customers. Whether on an inner-city tram, suburban metro, mainline train, high-speed train or long-distance freight locomotive, it fi lls us with pride to know our work benefi ts billions of people every day and makes their journey more comfortable.

From the world’s largest rail network in India and the intricate tram systems running throughout Europe’s main cities to the suburban metros of Australia, our knowledge and experience mean LEEL RAIL SYSTEMS can handle any type of project.